Contact info 


15 Normac Street
Roseville Chase


02 9417 4422




Parking available on Normac Street and surrounding roads. Please consider our neighbours.

inclinator / step free access

We offer an inclinator for those who are unable to navigate the steps down to the restaurant. Alternatively, there is step free access via Echo Park.


If arriving by boat, please book a berth with Roseville Bridge Marina (additional cost) or drop anchor and take your runabout. The marina is privately owned (not by us unfortunately). 

There is a destination berth which our customers can use for free, for take-away orders, with a 20 min time limit. Small boats also have access to the beach less than 100m away. 

Marina berth bookings can be organised via Echo on the Marina - please call us to arrange 

Echo on the Marina.jpg

Photo by Foodshot